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When Tauranga Model Aircraft Club contemplated moving to TECT Park, they were faced with a huge development project.
On one hand the proposed site gave access to a large field in perpetuity, already with consents in place for our type of recreational activity. On the other hand, the site was a hilltop, covered in overgrown secondary growth and gorse. Establishment of the site required felling and clearing of all the trees, extracting stumps, filling in holes, levelling and grading of the site, before it could be oversown with grass.  The club also faced costs in moving the clubhouse from Apata, and building day shelters and facilities storage containers.
In recent years, funds have been raised to build a new clubhouse based on a relocatable shipping container, install toilet facilities, expand carparking, push back the surrounding “jungle’ and purchase a better mower.
This would not have been possible without financial and other support from a range of organisations and individual club members.

We wish to acknowledge the following:

 lion-foundation pub-charity  
 mfnz  civil-aviation  
 a2z  classic-flyers mangle-and-weasel-5a
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Member donations
Roger Hutson, John Dolphin, Steve Locke

estate of John Leonard

There are many other members
who have given generously in cash, goods,or services.
Some wish to remain anonymous.
Our gratitude to all.
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