Tauranga Model Aircraft Club

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Annual Auction

Each year the club holds an annual auction of model aeroplanes and associated equipment.  This is one of the major events on the club calendar and is one of the largest model aero auctions in the country. It attracts aeromodellers from around the country to both buy and sell.  The auction is generally held in the main hangar of Classic Flyers at Tauranga airport. This provides a venue among full size aircraft memorabilia, with refreshments available, and an aviation themed playground for the little ones.
The auction provides a venue for sale and exchange of current and vintage aeromodelling equipment between active modellers.

Deceased estates. The auction provides a means of re-purposing items from deceased estates. In many cases families of deceased relatives do not know what to do with Uncle Charlie’s collection of old engines and aircraft.  Opportunity shops and second hand dealers have no understanding of model engineering, and families will have a natural reluctance to take stuff to the tip.  The TMAC annual auction is a means of finding a new owner who will share the enthusiasm that Uncle Charlie had.

Photos from previous auctions

They just kept arriving
auction 2 registration
auction 3 - the data team
Data Entry
auction 4 - pre bid scrutiny
pre bid scrutiny – looking carefully with great anticipation
auction 5 - bidding
Auction in progress – any bidders?
auction 6 bidding
From the auctioneer’s perspective