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Auction 2022

(Page updated 9/5/22)

(Advert Photo – ‘Merlin” the Classic Flyers hangar cat overseeing some of the 2021 auction items from her perch on an original P40 Kittyhawk)

Auction Guidelines
Catalogue – we regret that we cannot provide a catalogue in advance. It is totally random what turns up on the day. If you have any significant items which you would like us to publish in advance of the auction, please respond to this email address.
Auction or Fixed price ? – You may choose whether any item you wish to sell is auctioned, or offered for sale at a fixed price. In general we recommend that the auction only be used for items which are expected to sell for greater than $50.
Descriptions– our data system can only record a limited number of characters to easily identify whether the item is an engine, plane, radio etc. If you wish the auctioneer to read out a detailed description, please tape a note to the item.
Low value items – items of low value can be donated to the club. These will be offered for a gold coin, or even as free. This provides a low administration way of passing lots of minor items to another modeller.
COVID Rules (Orange)
# There is no limit for indoor or outdoor gatherings.
# You do not need to wear a face mask at a gathering, but it is encouraged.
# Workers and volunteers at gatherings must wear face masks — unless they are exempt.

Auction Documentation
To speed up the registration process it is recommended that you fill out the documentation before you arrive at the auction.  See links below to download the forms.
Auction Rules 2022

Registration form FIXED PRICE 2022
Registration form BUYER ONLY 2022
Registration form AUCTION 2022

The TMAC annual auction is one of the largest auctions of model aviation items, in the country. It provides an opportunity for model flyers to sell down, or upgrade their equipment, including aircraft, engines, radios, servos, ground support, tools and more. In addition to the auction, there are tables for items sold on a fixed price basis. Frequently we have a bin of “gold coin” or even “free” items, which is always a popular spot. The auction is held in the main hangar at Tauranga’s “Classic Flyers” Aviation Museum. Food and light refreshments are provided by Classic Flyers.
The auction is a popular social event on many flyers calendar, providing an opportunity for flyers from around the country to meet and compare experiences.

Deceased estates. The auction provides a means of re-purposing items from deceased estates. In many cases families of deceased relatives do not know what to do with Uncle Charlie’s collection of old engines and aircraft.  Opportunity shops and second hand dealers have no understanding of model engineering, and families will have a natural reluctance to take stuff to the tip.  The TMAC annual auction is a means of finding a new owner who will share the enthusiasm that Uncle Charlie had.
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Photos from previous auctions

They just kept arriving
auction 2 registration
auction 3 - the data team
Data Entry
auction 4 - pre bid scrutiny
pre bid scrutiny – looking carefully with great anticipation
auction 5 - bidding
Auction in progress – any bidders?
auction 6 bidding
From the auctioneer’s perspective