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Flying Sites

(Page updated Dec 22)

Details of the TECT Park site  (‘Hutson Field’)

Over the period 2004-2006 the Western Bay District, and Tauranga City Councils, with funding from the Tauranga Energy Consumer’s Trust, acquired approx 1650 Ha of forestry and native bush to form TECT Park. The intention is to provide a facility for a wide range of recreational outdoor activities, and the Tauranga Model Aircraft Club is fortunate to be one of the early tenants in the Park, having signed a fixed term lease of 30 years in 2012.
The club has access to around 10 hectares of land around a hilltop flying site. The club has developed 2 grass runways – one North -South of 230m length and the other of 150m in an East-West direction. The club also has a club house, implement shed and day shelter on the site.
The site is in its infancy and is under development as funds allow. With our long term lease, and the difficulty in gaining new flying sites anywhere in the country, TECT Park is expected to be a major facility for the modelling fraternity, for many years to come.
Flying hours (Summer) are 7am to 9pm. (7 days) any day when the weather is suitable.

Click this link to access the TECT website  –  TECT Park
Click this link to access the Rural Fire Service weather station (on site) – Rural Fire Service TMAC


View from South end showing main N-S runway, and additional carpark area for trailers


View from North-East showing E-W cross wind runway and control line circle.


Other flying sites

  • Gliding – some members with an interest in slope soaring, fly at a Plummers Point ridge location
  • Indoor Flying – depending on numbers this has previously been run at the Centennial Park Hall
    If you are interested in these or other forms of aeromodelling, please contact a committee member.

TECT Parkl location